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News & Announcements. Ao Guang: Won this One also and can get a Second one now for 1500Au lvl 6 and will be lvl 7 in the morning. i have almost all Mediums at lvl 10 accept Vortex all lvl 9, Ballista 9/9/8, Pulsar 8/8 after trying all my Mediums i Found the Tulu's one of the Better builds since the Range matches the Missiles the Ao Guang has. 1 Introduction 2 Ability 3 Strategy 4 Possible Setups 4.1 Close Range (350m or less) 4.2 Mid-Range (500-600m) 5 Mark I Statistics 5.1 Purchase Information 5.2 Upgrade Information 6 Mark II Statistics 6.1 Purchase Information 6.2 Upgrade Information 7 Built-in Special Weapon 8 Mark I Statistics 9 Mark II Statistics 10 Corrosion Damage (Per Second) 11 Gallery 12 Update History 13 Poll 14 Trivia Ao Guang does like no damage. Maybe if $3. 1. Reply.

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p.abdula1122. 2. 27 jan @ 8:53. Ao Guang Bug. Screams from Below. 1.

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Ao Guang. 情報. Robot class How War Robots matchmaking works: in a nutshell.

cryo war robots - REN Sten & Bygg

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Rules. News & Announcements. Red Ao Qin is an affordable robot for middle leagues.
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Is it worth it? WR Max GameplayMusic provided b Up close 2 scourges have a big potential for destruction, having lock on skill improves it greatly, and pulsar just keeps on rooting.

2 hours ago. warrobots. 0. Save.
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Posted by just now. Derp Ao Guang. Meme Monday / Joke.

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Adrian Chong - Ao Guang with Vortex - Perfect counter to