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EYEZEN FEATURES. Eyezen™ Focus provides extra focusing support with the additional power zone; Light Scan® filter out harmful blue violet light while letting beneficial blue turquoise light to pass through; W.A.V.E Technology™ provides sharp vision via fine tuned lens surface Eyezen+ lenses help to defend against strain on the eyes from extended use of digital devices.They also block at least 20% of harmful blue light emitted from phones, tablets, televisions, computers, and more. Essilor Eyezen™ lenses are specially designed to bring you extra help in front of digital devices. Your vision is sharper than it is with ordinary lenses and you don’t have to make as much visual effort to see digital device screens clearly.

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DIGITAL EYE STRAIN. HOW EYEZEN+ IS DIFFERENT. A single vision patient's everyday lens with two major benefits: Defends  Eyezen is a single vision corrective lens design. Chi & Lin (1998), a comparison of seven visual fatigue assessment techniques in three data acquisition task.

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Research shows some millennials spend at least nine hours a day 1 in front of a digital screen. Eyezen Focus Technology: Eyezen lenses have an enhanced lower portion of the lens, designed to ease eyestrain caused by close reading distances and viewing small text on handheld devices. Eyezen Light Scan Technology: This advanced technology selectively filters out 20% of harmful blue-violet light emitted from digital screens.

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EYEZEN™ FOCUS Essilor unveils a dedicated solution for wearers who spend time on digital devices, acknowledging their new lifestyle and requirements. ESSILOR EYEZEN™ LENSES RELAX AND PROTECT THE EYES SUPPORT EYE FOCUS EFFORTS IMPROVE READABILITY OF SMALL CHARACTERS +0.40 +0.60 +0.85 +1.10 AGE OBJ. AMPL.

High-definition, or digital lenses, have been described as the most important improvement in prescription eyewear in the last 100 years. The improvement wearers see in moving from traditional lenses to digital lenses has been compared to the difference between a tube television and a new high-definition television, or an off the rack suit compared to a custom suit.
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Their patented lenses include Eyezen Focus, an in-built reading  27 May 2016 EyeZen Lenses are a new range of spectacle lenses, designed to keep our eyes relaxed and protected while using digital devices. Unity Relieve Rated Superior to Eyezen in Wearer Trials. November 14, 2018.

Technology: Essilor Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement Technology, used in manufacturing Eyezen lenses, targets optical aberrations to increase definition and further increase contrast Eyezen is a single vision corrective lens design. It delivers sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses and helps prevent and reduce eyestrain.
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Penn Optical. 450 7th Ave, Suite 300. New York, NY 10123. 212-279-4826.

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EYEZEN™: LENSES FOR DIGITALLY CONNECTED PEOPLE AN INTENSE DIGITAL LIFE. Here’s a surprise: staring at screens throughout the day is pretty much unavoidable. But all that screen time can be hard on your eyes and may cause digital eye strain — even if you don’t currently wear glasses.